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Musician. Triathlete. Almost.
Musician. Triathlete. Almost.

Onwards... to 2013!

Bishmanby BishmanOct 23rd 2012
So I did my last triathlon of 2012 a couple weeks ago and followed it with a break from training. The question now is... what now?

It's actually something I've been thinking about for a while. In fact, I've been thinking about it since the summer, when I received a newsletter from BAD Tri saying they were planning a club trip to Elbaman in 2013. Set on a volcanic island in the Mediterranean there is the option to go for a Half, Full or Relay Iron distance triathlon. My eyebrows immediately raised with the prospect of racing an Ironman.

Now then, Ironman is a fricking long way. 140 and a bit miles is not far off starting in Newport, swimming to Bristol, cycling to London and then running the London marathon. This is clearly going to take some careful thought, some thoughtful planning and planning a bit of training.

Characteristically, I decided to procrastinate as long as possible... So instead of grabbing my bike and getting straight on with the training I'm doing the planning first.

I began my planning by looking for a half Iron earlier in the summer as a kind of warm up for the late-September Elbaman. I had played with the idea of racing Cotswold 113 earlier this year but decided against it as I didn't feel I was up to a Half in my first year of triathlon. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though I will be doing it next year either as the bike course is a bit flat - with only 54m elevation in each of the 3 laps I don't think it would be good preparation for a bike at Elba, which is by all accounts rather more hilly...

After some searching I found 'A Day in the Lakes' - a half Iron in the Lake district. It's delightful name hides the fact that there is around 3873ft of climbing on the bike course. That was more what I was after.

And after remembering the channel 4 broadcast of Slateman earlier this year I thought that would be a great race to do as well. With it being held in mid-May, the timing works out really nicely. So my rough plan for next year then looks like this:

Slateman - Standard-ish (1k swim, 51k bike, 11k run), 13th May; Snowdonia, Wales

Day in the Lakes - Half Iron, 30th June; Lake District, England

Elbaman - Full Iron, 29th September; Elba Island, Italy

I think these dates and races give me enough time to recover, recouperate and taper properly for each race. There's also a bit of room for sneaking in a cheeky sprint if it comes along.

Unfortunately, that's planning done. I'm feeling pretty good about the next year; my winter will be a time of creating a bigger base on which to build at the start of next year. So I guess the only thing left to do then is to go and hurt myself on some hills...
tallguy76by member: tallguy76, Jan 15th 2013 13:14
I've set myself my a target of having done an Ironman (or Ironman distance event) by the time I'm 40, but I have to admit that the Day in the Lakes appeals to me too, although I know that the road over the Kirkstone Pass is "interesting" in a car, let alone on a I think I will have to shift a little more weight first !
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