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Musician. Triathlete. Almost.
Musician. Triathlete. Almost.

Planning and Organisation

Bishmanby BishmanApr 17th 2012
Due to the closure of my local pool at Bristol uni due to rebuilding works, some of the swim sessions with BAD Tri have also been moved to Clifton High School. Last week I booked onto one of these sessions and turned up this morning to the wrong building.

I hadn't properly checked where the new pool was and when google told me that it was one place I went straight there this morning. Unfortunately, it had told me where Clifton College pool was, and this is not the same thing as Clifton High School (I assumed it was). When I got there this morning the guy on the counter said I was in the wrong place but that I was also about the sixth person to show up making that mistake today. Luckily, he was able to give me directions to the actual building I needed - just down the road and to the right.

When I finally got to the session I was about 10 minutes late so joined in the end of the warm up before getting thrown into 10 sets of 50m off 60 seconds (thanks Will). Cycling to work afterwards was not a pretty sight. I was exhausted (did I mention the bike/run x 3 gym brick session I did last night, followed by a terrible night sleept?)

My point with this somewhat humiliating post is that triathlon requires an extreme amount of planning. Everything must be prepared for, from the obvious stuff like getting to the race and arranging your gear for the transition to minimise the time spent (wasted?) changing between disciplines. Probably the most important thing to organise and to get right is the training - can I get to the session? Will I be in a good enough condition to work hard? Today the answer to both was no. Although I managed most of the session, I was not swimming well and really struggled; I had not made the basic plans of 'where is this place?' and leaving enough recovery time between hard sessions.

It feels kind of strange to me that I would make these kind of mistakes as I generally consider myself to be a fairly organised person. Although musicians are generally not the most organised (backstage we are literally herded like sheep to get out in front of the audience and make sure we can actually find the stage), during university I managed the symphony orchestra and was the one doing the herding! This required loads of planning to make sure everything went smoothly.

Today has reminded me of a document I found on the interwebs recently by Chrissie Wellington from 220triathlon magazine which is kind of the level of detail I went into with the orchestra, but am yet to apply to training. It was 50 race tips and they can basically all be summarised with the sentence, "Plan everything." I've provided a link to the article as I think it will make for interesting reading. There's surely something for everyone to learn.
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