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TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper
TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper

Living The Dream

TriHardAlanby TriHardAlanJan 20th 2018
In 2016 (and before) I used to joke with my (grown up) children that I would spend the first half of 2017 depressed about turning 50 in June and the second half of 2017 being depressed about actually being 50. This of course turned out to be an exaggeration. But by no means a total falsehood either. I really was dreading my birthday before the day and even now when I think I am 50 or even tell people I am 50 when asked I give a little sigh inside. But I do believe that recognizing you have negative thoughts and feelings on a subject even when they make no logical sense is better than trying to suppress these thoughts and feelings by parking them with reactions like “I am being silly” or “other people are in the same situation and they are OK” and not allowing them to be processed and instead they fester. Recognizing you don’t like something, accepting you can’t change that thing and then learning to live with it is a positive step towards being happy in life.

And I was reminded of this recently when I went ice skating with some of my children recently and whilst all of our ice skating skills are limited the children were able, or should I say choose, to whizz round much quicker than me due to a lack of fear of falling over. This made me feel very old, very quickly.

When I got home I went for a run. As per my training plan. It wasn’t record breaking and I didn’t push too hard. But I did change gears a couple of times and it felt effortless. Regardless of pace it was one of those runs were I felt I was skipping along the ground and covering it with less effort than usual. The fabled “runners high”? No. But I felt good and not my age at all. And then I recalled how I had felt earlier and thought if it’s healthy to accept the negative thoughts and process them surely you have to accept and process the positive ones too. And probably the first step to that is not taking them for granted and recognizing them for what they are.

This weekend alone I will be having a video swim analysis in an endless pool with my coach so we can tailor my swim programme for the season more directly to me. Not everybody is lucky enough to have access to these services. On Sunday I will be taking part in the Farnborough Half Marathon, my first since hip surgery. Not everybody is lucky to be able to do this. Next month I will line up on start of the Anglian Water Duathlon for a World Championship Qualifier and will, if current good training on paid guidance from my coach, be in good shape and with expensive equipment that kind Thames Turbo Development Squad sponsors/partners have helped provide. Not everybody is lucky enough to have this level of support. If I qualify for the World Duathlon Championships I will be able to pay the entry fee and get there. Not everybody is lucky enough to have the means to do this. I could go on all day about my Triathlon season and what’s in store and that’s without touching on having a supportive, loving partner and family who despite being grown up still want to see me regularly.

The more I think about it, in 2018, I'll be living the dream.
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