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Just a man saying I am.
Just a man saying I am.
About Me
I am a husband and father first and foremost. I thought I had been doing sports my whole life. My kids are active in sports and in the past few years I have really focused on their careers as athletes. I caught myself one day pushing one of my kids. Saying "you have to push yourself, go past what you think you can do". The look she gave me, I felt I got back from her, hit hit me like ton of bricks. It was a look of what have you done to push yourself.... Wow, what have I done recently.

Professionally I pushed myself to the top of my field, Spiritually I have a relationship with my Holy Father, Mentally I am pushed with my career. I cannot say emotionally I am there because I am not happy with my physical self. I feel I am overweight, not seeking the next brass ring if you will. I had to push myself to find myself.

I originally wanted to find myself with cycling. I love the thought of pushing. A quote from Armstrong that goes [the winner of the tour is not the best cyclist but the one who can suffer the most]. It is not the reality of winning or losing but being pushed. To go past who you were and to who you are.

Lastly I want to use another quote. This one from the movie Rocky Balboa,

"What's crazy about going toe to toe and saying I am"

One Down

mdvcostinby mdvcostinSep 2nd 2010
Brothers and Sisters,

On Sunday past I completed the Louisville, KY Ford Ironman. I wish I could say that I had that magical moment on the course that I found something out about myself but I did not. I felt like a machine, just kept moving. I did not blister the course by any means. (14:18). The bike is where i suffered the most. I believe it was a combination of not being truly fitted to my machine, lack of bike time, and weak core.What I took away from the race took days to sink in; I accomplished something pretty cool.... I am an Ironman.

The one bit of advice I would give and it may sound obvious but I will say it anyway. During the swim focus on the swim. Do not worry about the transition or the bike. The same about the run during the bike. It will only cause anxiety at a time you do not need it. Just focus on what is going to happen in the next few minutes. Your pre-race preparations will have taken care of transitions and "what ifs". Enjoy every second of the race

I cannot say enough things about my coach. Through his patience, motivation, and understanding I managed to eek out a workout schedule that met the demands of my career. After all the career pays for the sport and tools for the sport. I am not boasting when I say that looking back I was on the road for my job 2.5 weeks of every month. I would say that a third of my bike time was on spin bikes across the States. The point I am trying to make is anyone can do this with determination.

I found several reasons not to train. It usually came down to scheduling and time management. I know of moms and dads that are super devoted to their kids. They would get up early or stay up late to work out. One mom I read about took her bike and trainer to soccer practices and matches to watch her daughter play. I am sure everyone reading this has a way to make it happen. Their was one woman at the race that 15 months ago weighed 315lb. The dinner before the race she was introduced and she had lost 145lbs. Can you imagine some of the embarrassing moments she went through? In the end she stood her ground and stepped up and said I am going to try and do this.

My main motivation during training was and is my kids. I watched them and pushed them during their practices. I mentioned in the information about myself why I started this and I plan on continuing.

Good luck to everyone.
IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Sep 3rd 2010 22:06
Isnīt it the best feeling when you cross the finish line and they call your name " You are an Ironman!" Congratulations! Anybody can do this I agree with you, but very few have the courage to try, specially when it comes to the amount of sacrifice it takes in every aspect of our lives.
I have admiration for the pro racers, but anyone who finishes an ironman has my utmost respect! No matter what your time was! Keep it up and enjoy the ride. The benefits of doing this, being healthy, fit and the whole experience surpass it all! As your body keeps trainning your times will get better!
teamthinkstrongby member: teamthinkstrong, Oct 7th 2010 02:07
Nothing will ever just happen! We have to make it happen! I like that note in your blog! Congratulation! We should be proud of this great accomplishment!
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