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Unpacking a Canyon bike - buying Direct

mhowoodby mhowoodOct 15th 2014
I'm happy to break out tools and tinker at a moments notice, so buying from a shop always left me cold. Uninformed shop assistants, expensive servicing... Direct Sales sounded spot on, given the great reviews and spec that Canyon's bikes garnered, but I'll cover all this in another post, along with a review of my shiny new and very first, Full Suspension Mountain Bike: The Canyon Nerve 7.0

The smooth delivery process, with email updates and online tracking, as my bike made it's way across Europe were only marred by my wife not being home when UPS tried to deliver (some excuse about picking up our kids)! This necessitated a trip to UPS' Feltham branch on Saturday morning.
From order to delivery in less than a week, during their busiest period!
Unpacking a Canyon bike - buying Direct
The bike is held by velcro straps and components protected by rubber. Canyon provide the tools for assembly, including a torque wrench and shock pump.
Putting it together is a simple matter of putting on the front wheel, dropping in the seat post, attaching the handlebar to the stem and adding some air to the suspension. There is a manual to walk you through all this or you can use their website > Tech Support - Assembling
Less than 12 hours from assembly, the bike looked like this after 4 hours of thrashing around Crowthorne!
Amazing is all I can say for now. Full report to come.

Suffice to say, do NOT be put off by Direct Sales!
twiggyby member: twiggy, Dec 11th 2014 12:13
You have been going to the wrong shops!
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