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TriProfile WebApp

rikby rikApr 29th 2017
I wrote a webapp for tracking your triathlon profile. The idea is from James Beckinsale's Triathlon Training Book. It charts various metrics using a radar chart.

It's available here:

You can store your current profile then return to it later and tweak it when you improve. Then you can playback your history. In theory it should grow to fill the whole screen as all your metrics improve (or it might just pulsate like mine - good week/bad week/good week/bad week).
TriProfile WebApp
What the metrics mean can be up to you. James Beckinsale has some suggestions and a spreadsheet that does a similar thing here:
Not Going To (a) Plan
rikby rik Apr 5th 2017
I was going to follow a 12-week training plan. I even had one ready - from James Beckinsale's Triathlon Training Book. I knew it was tough - two sessions a day of various disciplines - and I knew was supposed to adapt it for me. I didn't start on th...
Forecast. Cold. Heavy Rain.
rikby rik Mar 6th 2017
Oulton Park Spring Duathlon race report. I almost didn't do it - the only reason I did it is because the weather was so terrible that I couldn't fix our fence after Storm Doris blew it down. Anyway, after a week of absolutely no training I just did ...
rikby rik Feb 24th 2017
I've been keeping my triblogs race diary up to date and I can't help noticing that there ticker on the right, counting down to my first race of the year - the Oulton Park Spring Duathlon (Sprint). It's a week away - am I ready? Am I 'eck. However, i...
Still Going...
rikby rik Feb 19th 2017
Well after 7 years my entire race log says: 3 sprint distance triathlons and 2 sprint distance duathlons. I didn't exactly catch the triathlon bug! My first sprint triathlon is still my best time: 1h:22m:35s. This year, and firmly in the 45-49 age g...
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