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Cardiff Triathlon 2015 28th June 2015 NB: I’ve included my notes for myself regarding the race at the end, out of interest â€" I’ve kept the Blog about the race about the race itself, really… The inaugural Cardi...
Jul 25th 2015 by JamesHester GBR
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My Marathon des Sables account. A tale of dirt, grime, poo bags, sand, hills, poo bags, mangled feet and madness. (Very long - originally written to be read to my father who is blind) It started on the Thursday night, when I had arranged ...
May 17th 2015 by crawlingkiwi GBR
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PINNACLE PRINCIPLES The following information provides a list of the key principles and philosophies Pinnacle Performance & Training Ltd strives to uphold as health and fitness professionals, it is a blueprint of the pinnacle way. Perfo...
Apr 8th 2015 by pinnaclept GBR
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My training had been going well, I was upping the mileage on my runs, feeling stronger and was even enjoying my pool sessions. I had been sticking to my weekly plans and had great satisfaction crossing off each session after they had been ...
Feb 16th 2015 by macuk GBR
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So it's early January and I'm pondering what to do that will make my 40th year that bit special. As a member of BadTri I am not only looking forward to a training camp in Majorca in March but also our bi-annual overseas club race in Cologn...
Jan 9th 2015 by thinman GBR
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It has been a long time since I last posted, which is because since the World Championships in Edmonton, I have largely retired from competitive triathlon. There comes a time for most interests and occupations when things have run their...
Dec 23rd 2014 by ritatris GBR
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So my car has been in the shop for 8 days now and yesterday was my last day on the rental car coverage. Now, I have been talking about riding my bike to work for a little bit and I even got some gear that would be helpful in this. No other ...
Aug 6th 2014 by makinmoves USA
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So I've finally done it..... After months of the idea niggling at me I finally signed up for my first Ironman tri. It was a big decision. I had been thinking it over seriously since I completed my first middle distance tri in June- the gr...
Jul 25th 2014 by triphysio88 GBR
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So Becca (my daughter) and I set off lunch time on Saturday and drove to Burnham and checked in to our Hotel. Once we had put bikes in Hotel storage had Afternoon tea and then investigated the Gym (the photos were not good representatio...
Jul 15th 2014 by treemad GBR
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Another pic from out first wet ride on the bikes!! ...
Jun 26th 2014 by heidinkaty GBR
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Weekly training summary...
May 18th 2014 by mzn710 GBR
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The dreaded words by the consultant: "Complete rest for two weeks and 6 weeks on crutches". I had just received the diagnosis of a stress fracture in my femur and, instantly, my world had come to an end, too. I was 4 weeks away from doing ...
Jun 20th 2015 by Eva29 GBR
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Hello Folks! It is officially halfway through my 2ND training week. I successfully stuck to my plan for a whole..wait for it..3 days. Now, that might sound super awful to many of you, but I promise it's not what you think. When i set up m...
Apr 15th 2015 by JadePorubek USA
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Why Mallorca? Back in October a good friend of mine, Lee Howarth, brought up the idea of visiting Mallorca for a cycling holiday during the Easter weekend in 2015. Lee himself is a keen triathlete but has been taking a break from the sport...
Apr 5th 2015 by akhilviz GBR
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Goodness, it's been a while. I've been very quiet and I apologise. I'm sure that you've all been thinking 'I wonder what happened to that lady who had the baby, I wonder how her training is going?'. Well it's now 'going' again. I'm no P...
Jan 26th 2015 by sarahleonard GBR Premium
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There's no doubt its been a crazy year. How I've managed to fit in any competing at all is a miracle! A list of the years highlights include: - New year at our Mallorca training camp - Quitting my well paid job in accountancy to work at...
Dec 31st 2014 by twiggy GBR
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Today I ran further than I have ever run previously. The body is a wonderful thing, how I hurt now through. As I have booked Ironman 70.3, I needed to know in my head I could do the run in the cut off times. So taking last years results an...
Oct 5th 2014 by Hannah1234 GBR
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Well the last few hundred miles have been a real pleasure from the perspective of the running, the scenery and the continuing fleet of wondrous people I have met along the way. England and Wales you have not let Scotland out-do you, well d...
Aug 1st 2014 by 1000miles GBR
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So here I am sitting on a plane on the way back from a very relaxing and alcohol fuelled week in Spain where I didn’t even take my trainers out of the suitcase and thinking OMG I have 9 weeks tomorrow until my first half ironman! Ask ...
Jul 19th 2014 by tddumbarton GBR
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Following my race in Kitzbuhel for the European Champs last week I took a ride up the Kitzbüheler Horn, the same hill that the Elites raced up last year. I had quite an adventure on the way back down with both my tubes exploding in s...
Jun 28th 2014 by justal GBR
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PRE-RUN NERVES I have downloaded an App called Runkeeper. It looks like it may be useful in encouraging me to run. I have mapped a circuit of just over 4km, and am about to go! I'm pretty worried about not being able to keep going all the...
Jun 17th 2014 by GSheppard GBR
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2 days until training begins!...
Apr 29th 2014 by joshjmanning USA
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