Inputting repeats or interval training detail in training plan

BazPio  Jul 31st 2013 at 03:17
Would be fab if athletes could input the the individual component details of interval/repeat sessions (distance/time of warm up and cool down, distance/time of repeats/intervals, speed/pace/heart rate of repeats/intervals, recovery distance/time/heart rate between repeats/intervals, intensity of repeat/interval (Borg scale?), etc.,) to their training plan and Triblog calculates the total time, distance, pace, etc., from the data inputed.
For example, under "New Planned Session" rather than write "10x400m in 1min10secs with 1 min recovery" in the notes section, you could select "Detail" from a drop down menu next to "Type" such as "Long", "Steady", "Tempo", "Repeats", "Easy". If "Detail" = "Repeats", more options would be available on screen such as repeat distance/time, repeat speed/pace, repeat heart rate, recovery distance/time/heart rate of each individual repeat and TriBlogs would work out total + average time/pace/heart rate from the data inputed.
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