No 910XT down load via Ant+

Flan  May 14th 2014 at 21:12
Anybody having trouble sending data via Ant+
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Flan  May 15th 2014 at 08:21
I don't know if this has anything to do with the new Garmin Express, but since I downloaded this software I can no longer upload to Triblogs or Strava via Ant+.
I have found a way by individually uploading from Garmin connect by exporting the tcx files. Which is a pain

I have now removed Garmin Express but still the same issues.

Has anybody else had the same problems?
fesu57  Jun 29th 2014 at 18:45
I also have the same problem.

I cannot upload files to Triblogs from my 910 XT as it is not recognised as a device in Triblogs since I started using Garmin Express. I use a MAC OSX 10.9.3. Garmin appeared to have changed where the files are saved and the format of the files, if I am reading it correctly.

Files no longer in Library/Application Support/Garmin/Devices/"Device No"/History/ as .tcx but in library/Application Support/Garmin/GarminConnect/Forerunner 910XT-'Device no'/Upload/FIT_TYPE_4 or FIT_TYPE_9 (folders in my case) ... example file name 2014-05-15 11/47/50

Does this help with working out how to sort out the problem as exporting .tcx files from GarminConnect to re-upload is such a pain.

Triblogs is a great product.
SwitchGear  Jun 29th 2014 at 19:36
I'm having the same problem, just "upgraded" to garmin express and now Triblogs does not show my latest sessions when I import from my garmin device! Anyone out there have a solution?...maybe someone from Triblogs?
Flan  Jun 30th 2014 at 17:56
Once I went back to just using Ant Agent uploading went back to normal. I have totally removed Garmin Express
Oziem  Jul 11th 2014 at 20:40
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay. I have many "things" going on at the moment and have found it hard to keep up with maintaining the site.

What devices are you all using? I have an edge705 and it works fine with the latest update to the communicator plugin (using windows; chrome)
"Must tri harder"
SwitchGear  Jul 12th 2014 at 03:37
I'm using the garmin 910XT. but I'm not sure the devise matters. Without garmin express things seemed to work fine, but once I installed garmin express it does not link my uploads to triblogs anymore. I see my data in Garmin Connect but when I search for new data in Triblogs nothing is there.

If its not going to be a simple fix on your end then I will have to un-install garmin express and see if that works. But at somepoint when I connect another garmin devise to my computer I think I will need express back.
Flan  Jul 13th 2014 at 13:49
Just get rid of Garmin Express. Works fine with the "old" Ant+
fesu57  Jul 13th 2014 at 22:27
I agreed with Flan just get rid of Garmin Express.
Flan  Jul 14th 2014 at 15:19
Dave, for info I was having the same issue with my Garmin 910XT and my 705 Edge - which is sadly MIA on the side of a road somewhere on the Frankfurt Ironman course :-(

But the fix is just don't use Garmin Express
Trihardmum  Aug 18th 2014 at 09:09
How do you get rid of Garmin Express? I thought I had deleted all of the files yesterday (i'm using a 310xt) but it still won't upload. Managed to get it working ok on my PC 9Otehr in a windows 8 laptop - so don't get me started on how troublesome that is!) but can't upload to tri blogs or strava. All 'missing' data from last week has now re-appeared on Garmin.
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