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Premium Features
TriBlogs is a free service, but we do offer a paid 'Premium' membership. Browse this page to discover the many benefits.
Not only will you get all of the features listed, most importantly you will be supporting the continuing development of TriBlogs.
If you have any additional questions, try our forum or send us a message. We welcome all feedback from our members.

iCalendar Synchronization
You can use the TriBlogs *iCalendar interface to transfer your training plan to other calendar software/websites such as Outlook, iPhone, Thunderbird or Google calendar.
* iCalendar is a file format which allows Internet users to send events or tasks to other users or systems. Wikipedia article about the file format.

No Adverts
Becoming a premium member of TriBlogs will mean that you won't see any adverts whilst you are logged in.

If you write a blog on TriBlogs, your blog will appear higher in the recent posts list than non-Premium members.
Premium members can also include custom content such as widgets or apps from other websites such as Twitter or Facebook.
You can choose whether or not to display adverts on your public blog and use your own *Google AdSense ID to receive the pay-per-click fee from Google AdSense.
* Google AdSense is a system whereby people who own a website can publish "Pay Per Click" adverts on behalf of Google on their own website. When one of the website's visitors click on an advert, then a proportion of the cost of that click is delivered direct to the publisher. Signing up for Google Adsense is different from signing up to this site. You can register for a Google Adsense account here.

Unlimited storage
Free accounts have limits on the number of charts, kit items and fitness tests that you can have at one time. A premium member can create and store an unlimited number.

More Customizations
Many pages which show a snap shot of your overall data, for example, the 'month' view can be modified to show 4, 5, 6, 8 weeks at a time, free accounts can only see the default number.

Daily email
You can setup a daily email which includes your schedule for the next day and a countdown to you next race.

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1 year£2.00€2.68$3.00$4.00$4.40$4.00
2 years16.7% Discount*£1.67€2.23$2.50$3.33$3.67$3.33
5 years20% Discount*£1.60€2.14$2.40$3.20$3.52$3.20
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* Discount; when compared to a single year subscription