Coach Plan Introduction

The coaching tool for planning an athletes schedule is slightly different to the regular plan month view. Although, you can create, delete, copy, cut and paste in the same way as the athlete version.

  • Firstly, it is worth noting that the default week windows display the sessions that you have created for the athlete and not ones created by the athlete.
  • When you create a session it is by default "Unpublished". An unpublished session is only visible by you, therefore you can create and adjust an athletes plan without the athlete seeing the schedule until you decide to publish it.
    • An unpublished session is marked with this icon
    • A published session is marked with this icon
  • To publish a session or multiple sessions
    • To publish/unpublish an individual session, right click on the session and select "Publish" or "Unpublish"
    • To publish all the sessions on a day, right click on the day and select "Publish Day".
    • To publish all the sessions in a week, right click on the white area underneath a week which contains the total training time etc, then select "Publish Week"
    • To publish all the sessions within a time period covered by a "week note", right click on the note and select "Publish Sessions".
  • You will notice some new links underneath each week
    • Show athlete's plan: This will open a week window showing exactly what the athlete will see including sessions or notes they have placed in their plan.
    • Show athlete's diary: This will open a week window showing the sessions that the athlete has recorded in that week. This allows you to get an overview of whether the athlete is following your schedule.
  • There are also some new options in the day and week popup menus
    • The day popup menu (to open right click on a day) has a new option "Quick Insert". This will bring up a list of all the "Generic" sessions you have created in your coaching package. Generic sessions can be quickly placed into any of your athletes plans with only a couple of clicks.
    • The week popup menu has 2 new links "Insert Template" and "Create Template". These allow you to create or insert a whole weeks sessions. A week template is intend to be sessions or notes that you regularly place into an athletes plan on the same days. For example, if the athlete always has a rest day on a Friday or always goes to a particular swim session on a Sunday.
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