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New Coaching System

We are proud to announce a new coaching system on TriBlogs. You can now manage your athletes' plans and view their progress with ease! If you'd like to see and try our free system visit the subscription page and select the starter package.

The system includes labour saving facilities such as:
  • A generic session list to allow common sessions to be quickly inserted into any of your athletes' plans.
  • Week templates provide a way to layout regular sessions and then insert them with a single click.
  • You can send emails to your athletes with automatically generated PDF attachments of their training plan.
To find out more about coaching on TriBlogs see our knowledge base or contact us directly.
Posted: 19 Jun 2009 [22:59]
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Recent Updates
Version 6.0.0 ( Jun 16th 2015 )
  • Mobiles
    • Layout: tweaking to fit mobile screens
Version 5.6.2 ( Oct 3rd 2014 )
  • Import
    • New: upload multiple TCX files at the same time.
Version 5.6.1 ( Sep 24th 2014 )
  • Import
    • New: upload multiple FIT files at the same time.
Version 5.6.0 ( Aug 19th 2014 )
  • General
    • New: real time zones
  • Garmin
    • New: TCX import now uses your specified time zone
    • New: FIT file uploader
Version 5.5.6 ( Nov 2nd 2013 )
  • Programmes
    • New: Coaches can generate a PDF of their programmes