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Although I'd love to, I won't have time to blog here too often, but I do keep a regular blog all about my Triathlon (and other) exploits here:

I'm a born again Triathlete, having done a few races in my teens, I stopped doing any sort of training for over 20 years and then started again in 2011 when I was 40. I had fun doing them and didn't do too badly, so I'm once again on the way to being able to call myself a 'Triathlete'.

The blog above contains plenty of training tips, notes on any particularly exciting training sessions or those of note and my race schedules and reports. It also contains lots of other things too, all about living a 'Simple Life of Luxury' here in West Wales where we spend our time swimming, cycling, running, MTBig, windsurfing, surfing, gardening, beekeeping, watching the sky at night and many many other things - I hope you enjoy it.

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