Shep begins to Tri
The start of my triathlon journey from unhealthy student to fighting fit young professional.

Embarking on my first run

GSheppardby GSheppardJun 17th 2014
I have downloaded an App called Runkeeper. It looks like it may be useful in encouraging me to run. I have mapped a circuit of just over 4km, and am about to go! I'm pretty worried about not being able to keep going all the way round. I'm more worried about going bright red, panting and looking generally uncomfortable with the whole affair...

My fears:
1) Being seen. By anybody.
2) Becoming beetroot coloured and everyone knowing that actually, despite my slender physique, I am not a seasoned pro...
3) Being unable to breathe.
4) Getting lost.

Perhaps running in a town where many people know you isnt the best place to begin... but then again I can't be driving to the middle of Somerset every time I want to run! So here it goes....

I have completed my run, how smug I feel! However, all of my above fears were manifested... :-(

I got lost about 3 times... I ended up in plowed fields that were impossible to run on, in a dry (but extremely muddy) river, and running back and forth across the same field, consulting my iPhone all the way. Comical, but I now have a muddy right trainer.

I was seen by many, but due to having music in I didn't feel so embarrassed about my laboured breathing... if I can't hear it, no one can right?
I got stitch at about 10 minutes in, which resulted in my being unable to breathe for a few minutes.

I need to look at my trainers though, as towards the end they rubbed on the arch of my left foot... any trainers recommended? I don't have pronated feet particularly, but I guess the nightmarish nature of foot biomechanics during running are kicking in...
Shep begins to Tri
GSheppardby GSheppard Jun 16th 2014
My boyfriend is gently encouraging me to participate in Triathlon, however, he conveniently seems to be ignoring the fact I can barely swim, have a mountain bike with flat 'knobbly' tyres and rusted chain. On top of all this I believe (being a physi...
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