Year Of The Awesome
Year Of The Awesome
Hello All, I original set up this blog help inspire me to get back into Triathlon. I was never the sporty type up until 2006, when I got the bug! Initially it was a new years resolution and I booked derby tri for the September. I had weight to loose and fitness to build. I attended a women's introduction to tri day at Leeds to get me started and even met Fi my training bud (In the middle with Alex my partner) For years we did loads of events, achieving Olympic distance at Ripon Tri, it was awesome. We hoped of half one day, dreamed of Ironman and to ride the big Cols in France. Then work life got in the way or a least I allowed it too. I have piled on the pounds, am out of shape, well I don't fit in my wetsuit anymore and that's bad. Life has been rocky, Fi got poorly a number of times, but each time she came back fighting. Then my Dad got ill, I'm a big Daddies Girl. As you do you stay strong, my Dad passed away in September 2011 and Fi, the fighter trained right up until two weeks before she was rudely taken in April 2012. I am now back and ready to training hard, I want this to be the year of the Awesome, by training hard and achieving my goals I know my Dad would be proud and Fi would be with me in spirit, enjoying every minute.

Half Marathon Run Walk Time Test

Hannah1234by Hannah1234Oct 5th 2014
Today I ran further than I have ever run previously. The body is a wonderful thing, how I hurt now through. As I have booked Ironman 70.3, I needed to know in my head I could do the run in the cut off times. So taking last years results and checking who did the run the slowest 3.15 and tried to ensure I could do it. Job done 2:49:59 for 21k. Very chuffed. Need to run a least 3 times per week now and will try it again in four weeks to see if I can keep improving.
L'Etape du Tour Completed
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 Sep 29th 2014
Hello long time no speak......if you are wondering I did finish the L'Etape du Tour in just over 9 hours well ahead of the broom wagon and out of 13000 riders only 8000 completed. Weather on the day was wet and cold at the top of the Tourmalet many p...
Turbofire & Watt Bike Test
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 Jan 2nd 2014
I did the Watt Bike 3 Min Test Last Night, average for 1 minute 172 Watts, still not great but, Cheering on the Progress as last time 169 Watts. Turbofire Inferno Plan Day 1, It was brilliant, I was however doing my own thing just to keep up, sur...
Rockin Body Results - Christmas..... Now Turbofire Inferno Plan
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 Jan 1st 2014
Hello All, busy time for me in retail so apologies for no blogging. I have been keeping on trackish.. for L'Epate du Tour but real focus starts today, with a New Years Day Ride in the wind and rain. I also have the Rockin Body results completed...
l'Etape du Tour 2014
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 Nov 16th 2013
Yes yes yes, I'm in....oh my god.......what the heck have I done. No it will be awesome......but what about the broom wagon.....train hard and finish.......... The emotions last week have been as big as the hills..... Oh dear in France they are Mo...
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