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Letting go - Recovery Phase Part 3 .....and another thing

Mariaby MariaJan 1st 2016
New Year is also a great time to reflect over the last 12 months, acknowledging the good and bad and being thankful for what has gone well. My 12 months has been frustrating and difficult, but I am truly thankful to all those that have supported and helped me find ways to continue to challenge and develop myself and above all enjoy what I can do. So, today there was no run, but I got to tick something off my (very long) list of things I want to achieve in my life by going on a ride with a group from my Tri Club, something I haven't managed in the last 4 years, and it was lovely!
Letting go - Recovery Phase Part 3
Mariaby Maria Jan 1st 2016
New Year's Day 2016. Ideally should be packing some running kit and heading off to run in a local 10k which has been my New Year's Day celebration (!?) for many years. Long term injury means this is another of the many things that have had to be let...
Letting go - Recovery Phase Part 2
Mariaby Maria Aug 2nd 2015
Made what looked to be a lovely cup of tea the other morning then stood looking at it realising that life on crutches is going to be tough. How to transport said cup of tea across the kitchen, get to work, navigate the poolside, etc, etc. To be ...
Letting Go - Recovery Phase Part 1
Mariaby Maria Jun 24th 2015
"Crutches and boot for 4 weeks, then boot, then rehab and then if all goes well you might be back to racing in 12 weeks. Oh and make sure you offload (aka rest) the injured foot as much as possible." This is not want you want to hear 3 days from yo...
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