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Oziemby OziemSep 17th 2019
Hi all,

As you may have noticed, things on TriBlogs haven't been moving forward for a long time. I no longer have the time outside of work to add features to the site. I have only been able to do the occasional admin task.

I do miss working on the site and especially the lovely community on TriBlogs and Triathlon in general. This post has taken me 6 months to write, it has been hard to get the words down. Don't worry if you are one of the faithful few left using the site we arent shutting down in the short term (the most recent server changed greatly reduced the cost to run the site)

What's changed?

I'm now a daddy (x2), which at the moment means; work, look after kids, eat and sleep (if I'm lucky). I love being a dad so I'm definitely not complaining about that but it just means the "spare" time that I had to throw at the site has gone.

A look back

TriBlogs never took off in the way that would have been able to provide for us (not even close). I have my own ideas why it wasn't a success for us but we will never know for sure. Did we make the right choices along the way, was it the competition from much bigger organisations like Training Peaks and Strava, did we miss the mobile app wave, the questions are endless...

In a lot of ways I regret the decision to add a subscription to the site because that lead to a much different expectation. But without that, the donations and the meager ad revenue wouldn't have come close to paying for the web server for even 1 month of the year.

I would also like everyone to know that nothing you entered on TriBlogs was ever distributed; I feel this is especially significant, in a climate of (in my opinion) wilful neglect of peoples trust and privacy from what seems like all "social media" companies. Please know that we never at any stage sold or shared anything about you.

What is going to happen?

  • As long as there are people using the site it will remain online.
  • Old accounts especially those that have not been used for over a year will be deleted.
  • If we ever reach no users then we will most likely take the site offline.
  • Features like the blogging which require moderation will most likely be disabled for new users (as one of the most annoying tasks running this site has been looking out for spammers)


Thank-you so much to anyone that has contributed content to the site over the years, especially anyone that was a premium member or coach. I'd especially like to thank Andy Bullock whom was the key contributor from the beginning.
doogiecby member: doogiec, Oct 2nd 2019 08:50
Hi Dave. Totally understand. I fill triblogs in even though I use Strava and Garmin. Triblogs was ahead of it's time. It's still got a unique use I believe. The site has been a magnificent help through my triathlon journey. Many Thanks for all you've done.
richurcby member: richurc, Oct 2nd 2019 08:52
Totally get it Dave, thanks for all your help and respect for the effort that you've put into this wonderful resource.

Best to you and family (haven't seen you for a while and hope to catch up eventually)...

Kind regards and very grateful to you and the love you've shown the community...

doscsyby member: doscsy, Oct 2nd 2019 08:53
I would like to thank you for helping me during my triathlon training. TriBlogs have been a huge part of my ironman journey. Your site was amazing!!
kimota11by member: kimota11, Nov 5th 2019 01:42
I really like Triblogs 'coz of its simple and elegant layout. Did my first HIM over 12 years ago using the features, and now back in training again, I still find it is the best so far! Please keep up this website!
TriBlogs & Me
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