so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed


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A Saturday in the life of a trying triathlete
charlieeliseby charlieelise Apr 22nd 2013
I planned to head out to Richmond Park for a bike/run brick session on Saturday. It struck me this is what most of my Saturdays look like this time of year... 8.30am Struggle to wake up. Only got myself to blame as I stayed up until 2.30am to wat...
London Triathlon 2012 - Race Report
charlieeliseby charlieelise Dec 29th 2012
This is what I have been working for all season. Building up to a charity place in the world's biggest triathlon. After training for a short sprint tri last year then taking three months off with only some cycle commuting, I went back to the gym in ...
Big bike day at Blenheim
charlieeliseby charlieelise Aug 28th 2012
I think I've been posting less due to my increasing worry about the event. Bristol I made it through but it was tough. London is much, much longer. My run is very much a work in progress - I suppose at least I know I can do a 10k - but I am taking a...
It's not a war
charlieeliseby charlieelise Aug 2nd 2012
Something funny happened on the way to the gym this morning. I was heading to Picadilly from Mile End and was really enjoying the journey. I had just pumped my tyres and the air was cool, and after the heat of the day before, it felt great. I got to...
Post crash week training
charlieeliseby charlieelise Jul 8th 2012
I am racing next weekend. After the crash I was sure I'd race but earlier in the week after the reality of my road race and bruising set in, I seriously wondered if I would be fit. Monday I searched everywhere for Duoderm hydrocolloid dressings. ...
Race Report: Lakeside Sprint Triathlon
charlieeliseby charlieelise Jun 20th 2012
I've been a bit quiet lately. I haven't fallen off the treadmill but it has been a bit of a squeeze time wise hence the lack of time for writing. Before I knew it I was a week out from Lakeside and running about worrying about all sorts of things: ...
Training update: 20 weeks to go - power to the pedals
charlieeliseby charlieelise May 7th 2012
It's been a few weeks since the last update, whoops... And I was doing so well. Last time I wrote I'd just had a cycle training session with SpinMonk. Since then I've been putting his advice into practice. The pedalling technique he encouraged me ...
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