so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed


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London Triathlon 2012 - Race Report
charlieeliseby charlieelise Dec 29th 2012
This is what I have been working for all season. Building up to a charity place in the world's biggest triathlon. After training for a short sprint tri last year then taking three months off with only some cycle commuting, I went back to the gym in ...
It's not a war
charlieeliseby charlieelise Aug 2nd 2012
Something funny happened on the way to the gym this morning. I was heading to Picadilly from Mile End and was really enjoying the journey. I had just pumped my tyres and the air was cool, and after the heat of the day before, it felt great. I got to...
Coming up this season - the events I'm doing
charlieeliseby charlieelise May 9th 2012
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