so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed

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A Saturday in the life of a trying triathlete
charlieeliseby charlieelise Apr 22nd 2013
I planned to head out to Richmond Park for a bike/run brick session on Saturday. It struck me this is what most of my Saturdays look like this time of year... 8.30am Struggle to wake up. Only got myself to blame as I stayed up until 2.30am to wat...
Training update: 25 weeks to go
charlieeliseby charlieelise Apr 1st 2012
After the flatness of the week before it was an absolute joy to feel good again training. Last week when I blogged I'd just done an interval hill training session in the sun and was feeling better for it. The week continued in this vein. Monday w...
Training: 26 weeks to go - feeling flat
charlieeliseby charlieelise Mar 25th 2012
Saturday's mini tri of last week went ok. The stuff I was expecting to play up - the calf for example - did not make a guest appearance but guess what, the stitch I got last year did. This is clearly something that is going to happen unless I change...
Racing on Saturday
charlieeliseby charlieelise Mar 14th 2012
I was having a rest day last week (well, no training, I still commute to work). As I was pedalling home I started getting what felt like cramp in my right calf. So annoying. Extremely as it turned out - it went on all weekend whenever I stretched or...
Goal setting and I worry about the run
charlieeliseby charlieelise Jun 18th 2011
Swimming, rest day plus Bath and back
charlieeliseby charlieelise May 29th 2011
Thursday was swim training. At Horfied again - I swum to the music on at Aqua Fit, which was hilairious. It's hard though as there's a lot of people there who have little idea about lanes and how they work. So far at Horfield I've identified two typ...
Freaking out: Blisters, travel and new trainers
charlieeliseby charlieelise May 24th 2011
8 weeks, 4 days until my first Tri. I'm beginning to freak out again. I'm going up and down in how I feel about it... mostly I feel like I haven't got enough training in. Two months ago I truly was a case of, I like swimming, but can't cycle a...
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