so I can say I TRIed
so I can say I TRIed


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A Saturday in the life of a trying triathlete
charlieeliseby charlieelise Apr 22nd 2013
I planned to head out to Richmond Park for a bike/run brick session on Saturday. It struck me this is what most of my Saturdays look like this time of year... 8.30am Struggle to wake up. Only got myself to blame as I stayed up until 2.30am to wat...
The dress rehearsal success
charlieeliseby charlieelise Jul 3rd 2011
You would expect, rightly, that fitting in training is quite difficult right now. I have an already demanding job which involves a fair amount of travel, and on top of this I'm trying to have a life and train for a triathlon. However I have made...
Symetrical blisters FTW
charlieeliseby charlieelise May 26th 2011
Brick training last night went really well. Overall average of 22km/hr and that included trafficy bits. Over a full 20km too. I broke halfway to run for 15 minutes which was rudely interupted by this: A tiny, tiny mouse! And I can assure you that m...
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