A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon

Calmer Work / Life Balance

exmrtrobby exmrtrobOct 22nd 2013
Thankfully work has calmed a little since my last writing, it's still a frantic hell hole but I seem to be managing better and my boss is off my back a little after a threatening with a stapler!
I'm also on this course which takes place each Tuesday and an early finish is creating the opportunity for a swim block. It's great, I can now swim five days a week instead of the usual four and they all go back to back. Saturday mornings at the pool are getting busier and busier for the early session and we are rapidly running out of room. Luckily everyone who turns up swims laps so we all go up and down the pool at very different speeds. The older guys are great and they have been doing this session for years. The younger element however seem to want to sit in the shallows after swimming two lengths and talk about who their trying to 'get on' during the impending Saturday night carnage in the bars and clubs.
I've used the extra session to create a bit more structure to my swims, and Saturday morning has become a one week endurance the next week Sprint sessions. Sundays are normally a recovery swim, easing the muscles from the day before where I get a minimum of 2km swim and a long run (10-15km) afterwards. Sunday I'll just plod out a 500m warm up. 1km main set easy front crawl. 500m warm down finishing by preventing drowning I am swimming so slow. Monday night after work I try and get to the pool by seven pm, and thump out a 2.5km not including WU/WD in 45mins. Tuesdays are great at the moment as I can get in the water by 5pm and have a choice of sessions, tonight's was brilliant. 400warm up - 1500main set TT - 400 TT - 100 TT x 5 - 300 Warm down. I cracked the 1500 in a smidge over 22mins tonight which felt amazing, and with a short recovery the 400 time was ok too. I rested for two mins and then set off on the 5 x 100 averaging 1.32. I am a happy boy. The swim Block has trashed my previous timings and my technique changes is making a big difference for a small alteration. As I get back to the house early I then went for a tempo run tonight and that felt good too. Wednesdays are recovery swim again where I get the technique I've been working on for the last few weeks tweeked and worked on. I throw in some swim drills for good measure and a couple of timed sprints towards the end just to keep things in check.
My decision to hang the bike up for a six week block of swimming and running is paying dividends now, I just have to keep it up for the entire Winter and build now on endurance. It's going to get tougher to get out running in the Winter months as British Summer Time (BST) ends at the weekend and the clocks go back an hour. The temperatures will drop and if it is anything like last year there will be lots of frost to prevent the road running.
Might have to join a gym at the this rate just to use the very hated treadmill!
Managing Downtime
exmrtrobby exmrtrob Oct 2nd 2013
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Tips & Tricks to Faster Transitions
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Hell Week Begins
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Race Report
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