Heidi n Katy Half Iron Training Blog
Heidi n Katy Half Iron Training Blog
After signing up for the Cotswold Classic Middle (half iron) Distance event and with only 11 weeks to go...best start training!!

26 June 2014 (hc)

heidinkatyby heidinkatyJun 26th 2014
Another pic from out first wet ride on the bikes!!
26 June 2014 (hc)
Day 13
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 23rd 2014
The taining plan for this week, goes a little something like this: Monday - R:7.5km; S:1500m (Katy)/ 1900m (Heidi) Tuesday - R: wu: 800m, 4x 1200, cd 800m Wednesday - R: 10km recovery run: B: Hill reps x 5 Thursday - B: long ride (both) Fr...
Day 8
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 18th 2014
10km recovery run today was hard!! Taking 57mins for 10km it was definately recovery pace but felt tough given the heavy legs from what has become a relentless training plan...still...feeling oddly spritely at the same time if thats possible. Both wh...
Day 7
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 18th 2014
Running reps at lunch- thought I might throw up! [Heidi]...
Day 6
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 18th 2014
A new week and indeed the first full week of training...so what’s on the cards... Monday - R: 7km tempo run; S: 1500 lake swim Tuesday - R: 1000m wu, 4 x 800m @ 12.6kph, 1000m cd Wednesday - S: 1500m (lake or pool; R: 10km recovery run Thurs...
Day 3
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 13th 2014
Brisk morning run- Great way to start a day off before weeked of wedding and birthday celebrations! [Heidi]...
Day 2
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 12th 2014
Now thats more like it...beautiful bike ride in the evening sun!!...
Day 1
heidinkatyby heidinkaty Jun 11th 2014
Having signed up for the Cotswold Classic Middle Distance (half iron) event on 31 Aug...it was time to train...with only 11 weeks to RACE DAY (yikes!) and little base fitness to speak of today was the first day on the road to success! By 'success' w...
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