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Why Triathlon?

jugsapugsby jugsapugsMar 2nd 2014
A bit about me, I bit boring really. I am the right side of 50 years of age and the wrong side of 45. I started running at the age of 13 and was a cross country champion at school, ran through my teans, until college came along and wine, beer and song took over from my healthy lifestyle. I travelled for a few years travelling to Asia and Oz, no running involved, even more wine beer and song. I did meet my wife Helen, whilst travelling. When we both came home, we worked in the hotel industry in Surrey, Kent and finally settled in Poole in Dorset.

I started working in Bournemouth only 4 miles away, started cycling into work and have done for the last 4 years. I have always viewed my daily commute as a training ride and tend to be a bit obsessed with beating my previous times, to and from work. There is nothing better than cycling along the sea front to Sandbanks, around to Whitcliffs and home or further. The views out to sea from the beach with the Isle of Wight to the east and Old Harry Rocks to the west, are the best there is.

Helen is also an avid runner. We have competed a London Marathan and a few Great North Runs together. Along with my two kids Reef and Summer, we always run the Poole Festival of Running as a family. A great day out - The kids do the mile, Helen the 5K and I do the very fast 10K. Helen is also a Sports Massage specialist - Fantastic, for post training niggles. Well she does need a person to practice on. Although my pain threshold is very low, especially when she is trying to release my very stiff hip flexors.

To cut a very long and boring story short, I started to be hampered by injuries, running 30 - 40 miles week started to play havoc with my knees, ankles, gluteus, calves, handstring. Well any anatomy below the waist. I decided to look at a other sport options and then whilst watching a TV prog all about the Brownlee brothers, I had an epiphany.
This was it. I ran - sort of. I cycled - everyday and I swim, well once in a blue moon. How hard could it be??

I started my new obsession, by subscribing to 220 Triathlon magazine and cancelling my subscription to Men's Health, it just depressed me.

That was 6 months ago, I am cycling my usual 8 miles a day, along with a couple of longer 25 - 30 mile turbo sessions or a out door ride. My swimming, as is often the case my weaker discipline. More of that later.

I have finally made a commitment today and booked my place on my first two triathlons, both sprints. The first is a pool based Tri the Tri in Wimborne in May and the second is the Salty Dog Tri at Boscombe sea front at the end of June. I have until Mid May to get up to speed, but I am really looking forward to my first year as a triathlete. Oh and I've entered the Tough Mudder in August - Gulp!!!
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