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New found Respect for the Elites

justalby justalJun 28th 2014
Following my race in Kitzbuhel for the European Champs last week I took a ride up the Kitzbüheler Horn, the same hill that the Elites raced up last year.

I had quite an adventure on the way back down with both my tubes exploding in spectacular fashion due to the heat build up from the brake block (Read my full report here)... But, the ride up was amazing and now that I've done it I have some newfound respect for the elites who raced up it last year... It's certainly a proper hill and racing up it must have been mad.

New found Respect for the Elites
European Champs Race Report
justalby justal Jun 28th 2014
Another excellent international race with some top notch organisation - but then that's what you would expect from the ETU really isn't it. I've written a full report here: European Triathlon Champ, Kitzbuhel, Austria - Race Report, but here's a q...
Check out my new Wheels
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Pre-Race Injuries
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When the Experiment Goes Wrong
justalby justal Jan 24th 2014
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