MoorEmpowered To Be A Triathlete
MoorEmpowered To Be A Triathlete
Part of changing myself for the better, I need to help my body reach its fullest and healthiest potential. Living an active life will not only help my physical being, but my mental being as well. The stress that comes from carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders is best relieved by living an active life. One of the ways I plan on living an active live is to participate in Triathlons.

Participating in Triathlons requires extensive and exhausting training. This training serves multiple purposes. Not only will it have its intended goal of helping me become physically stronger and faster but partnered with daily mediation and self reflection, will help me build a steadfast relationship with myself. I will truly learn my body and mind from a deeper aspect, what they can handle and what they are capable of.

Before I change the world, I need to learn who I am, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Making a Positive out of Negative

makinmovesby makinmovesAug 6th 2014
So my car has been in the shop for 8 days now and yesterday was my last day on the rental car coverage. Now, I have been talking about riding my bike to work for a little bit and I even got some gear that would be helpful in this. No other time like the present to start something. Having no car may have been that push I needed. So, today I rode to work:)

A little sweaty when I got here but, man, I feel so alert and awake. I am going to have a great day!!
A Little Support Never Hurt
makinmovesby makinmoves Aug 4th 2014
Although I am like a sponge, absorbing information from anyone around me that has made their life into something they are proud of, I am not that good at asking for help in reaching that for my own life. Being independent and not afraid to forge...
The Unexpected Positives of Training
makinmovesby makinmoves Jul 31st 2014
Training is not just meant to better your body but it is supposed to help focus and strengthen your mind in all its depths. I didn't take my mental health seriously till I started truly awakening to the world around me and truly embracing the consta...
Fighting Yourself
makinmovesby makinmoves Jul 29th 2014
Days like to today are key to the training process I feel. A day where work beats you down with one obstacle after another. A day where you get home and you just feel mentally exhausted. A day where you all you want to do when you get home is to craw...
Starting Out
makinmovesby makinmoves Jul 28th 2014
I may not be an Olympic athlete but I am no stranger to hard work and training. I must admit that Triathlons in thought seemed to really intimidate me ever since I was a young athlete. I had never seen one in person till recently and thanks to an a...
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