was fat. ... getting fitter!
was fat. ... getting fitter!
At 15st 2lb and 5'10" I woke up one morning held breath to pull my socks on, I couldn't reach that far while still breathing, and thought to myself. ....... You're too fat mate! Something had to be done. 4 years later I'm now 13st 3lb, had a broken foot, pf, shin plints, torn meniscus and more aches and pains than I thought possible but I feel great! ! I've run upto hm distance and cycled to Paris after which I needed a new challenge. Hmm I thought to myself, I'll do triathlon! And so my journey began. ........

Been a while!

nxn2020by nxn2020Aug 26th 2015
It's been quite a while since I wrote on here and I've been busy training as much as work. family and life in general will allow. In June I did my first tri! It was the Harwich sprint triathlon, it comprised of 300m swim, 17 mile bike and 5k run. Weather in the morning was good but was looking worse when I lined up for the pool swim. The pool was seen off in 6:18 and a new pb, then onto the bike, I know most of the course which helped. So there I go, run out the pool to my bike. dried my feet, pulled on my cycling top as it had club name on it, pull on my socks and trainers then spent best part of a minute trying to pull my cycling gloves on, bad move! In my mind I had to put them on, don't know why but I did and it cost me about a minute or more! Should have just thrown them back in the box.......lesson learnt!! Out on to the course and within 2 miles it was pouring down! Now if I could see unaided that wouldn't really be a problem but being dry I had put on my prescription wrap around dark glasses, these have a separate pair of prescription lenses behind the dark lens. Problem was about 10 minutes in and after the first 5 minutes rain they misted up between the lenses leaving me unable to see!! I rode the whole thing looking over the top of the glasses in the pouring rain, marshals were just a yellow blur and the whole thing was a little dangerous as I couldn't make out details, including pot holes! Bike done in 42 minute, happy considering the dire conditions. Onto the run!! OMG!!! ran, sort of, across the field and out along the seafront, run course was an out and back along the dead flat seafront path but that first mile nearly killed me! Running back towards the finish line all I could hear above everything else was my friends, wife and kids shouting encouragement at me, that in itself was amazing and meant the world to me. I crossed the line with a run time of just under 27 minutes, not fast I know but I was happy to have done it, my lungs were bursting as I crossed the line (I'm asthmatic) and the marshal even asked if I wanted to sit in the ambulance! I ended up finishing 67th out of 160, which for my first ever tri event made me really happy, I was buzzing for days afterwards!! I now have my second tri event in a couple of weeks which will be the Clacton Olympic distance, 1500m in the sea should be fun, although we do swim with the tide!! Write again, hopefully sooner next time!!
First ever Multi sport done!!
nxn2020by nxn2020 Apr 27th 2015
On Sunday I did my first ever multi sport event, the Notley Spring Duathlon. Wow! what an amazing thing to do I think you'll all agree. We had club kit due in any time which arrived on the friday, cutting it short but just in time! On the morning of...
First set of multiple transitions, wind and rain! :-(
nxn2020by nxn2020 Mar 31st 2015
Last night saw me undertake a transition session. This was a 5.3 mile bike loop followed by .8 mile run, did it 3 times to try and begin to get used to tired legs.......conclusion? Don't think I can get used to tired legs! Wind was blowing like mad...
Need to step it up a bit!
nxn2020by nxn2020 Mar 26th 2015
Weather is improving, slowly and with the temperature rising slightly I'm finding the asthma is starting to become less of a problem. So with the improved breathing I can now step up the training intensity a bit and do some sprints and harder runs. S...
First dry run at duathlon OMG!!!
nxn2020by nxn2020 Mar 9th 2015
Having done a few brick sessions consisting of 10ish miles on the bike and 1-2 mile run, I thought I'd try a full length practice of my chosen first duathlon. Notely spring duathlon is 4km run, 21km bike and another 4km run. Now I had some kind of id...
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