Pinnacle Principles helping you to triathlon success
The following information provides a list of the key principles and philosophies Pinnacle Performance & Training Ltd strives to uphold as health and fitness professionals, it is a blueprint of the pinnacle way.


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The following information provides a list of the key principles and philosophies Pinnacle Performance & Training Ltd strives to uphold as health and fitness professionals, it is a blueprint of the pinnacle way.

Performance Orientated
Performance is a broad term encompassing a variety of meanings. However, at Pinnacle we endeavour to utilise precise definitions to ensure clarity and minimise ambiguity. As such, we use performance to accurately describe the level of competency of a client-specific task or outcome (movement quality/goal attainment etc), thus performance is the fundamental characteristic upheld by Pinnacle.

Interdisciplinary Approach
This is a distinct quality maintained by Pinnacle. We make a conscious effort to synthesise information from numerous disciplines of health and fitness (physiology, biomechanics, psychology etc) into a single coherent application in order to develop a greater understanding of a client’s status and goals and the numerous contributing factors to those statuses and goals.

Novel Coaching
At Pinnacle, we use a contemporary approach to providing all our services. We coach our client’s through the process, ensuring quicker acquisition of the task or outcome whilst also promoting the client to develop a greater understanding of the process and why the selected methods are being used. Our coaching methods are rarely seen elsewhere; for example many trainers will avoid ‘giving too much information away’ and simply take clients through a service without explaining too much or providing very little rationale to support their advice when prompted. This may occur for several reasons, sometimes due to an inferior education in health and fitness, lack of confidence or possible feelings of threat towards their intellect. This unprofessional approach is a complete opposite to Pinnacle; we encourage questioning and will always provide the best responses possible.

Notable Results
Health and fitness is a results driven industry. As such, results, both short and long term are considered by Pinnacle to be the most important component when working with our client’s. However, we believe in attaining notable results, drastic improvements in performance (as defined above), further challenging us to provide the success our client’s endeavour to achieve.

Assessable Progress
With results being the most important component, we believe it to be equally imperative to objectively assess the progress of a client’s results periodically in order to monitor the stage of progress being achieved. Consequently, this allows us to provide continuous feedback to our clients’, also enabling us to make the necessary changes to the programme in order to accelerate progress.

Compliance Guaranteed
To ensure client’s gets on board with the pinnacle way, it is deemed essential that client’s develop trust in the coach and the methods being employed. As such, a comprehensive initial consultation and subsequent physical assessment are administered with all clients’ to identify current performance (as defined above) levels. Ensuring this process allows an ideal coach-client rapport to be established. Every client is provided with a prescription booklet that is customised to the client’s individual needs. Pinnacle coaches also ensure regular contact outside of sessions to further enforce the importance of compliance to the prescription as being the underlying factor to achieving results and fast track progress.

Long Term Success
As previously mentioned, results are important but notable results are what we aspire to achieve. We have a similar philosophy on the time scale of results; short term success is great but sustainable, long term success is what we believe to be more important. More often than not, people want to achieve their results as quickly as possible no matter what, which is completely understandable. However, this often requires a series of drastic changes in quick succession, which can become overwhelming at times and even become detrimental to a person’s health â€" the complete opposite of what we’re really trying to achieve. As such, we believe in utilising a model of change that is progressive, week by week, month by month; facilitating new health and fitness habits that ensure long term success.

Education Driven
Pinnacle Performance & Training take great pride in our education and will continually improve our own as well as others education for as long as health and fitness principles become updated, change and evolve as years go by. However, the source of education is of great importance. Due to the high accessibility of health and fitness information, it is extremely difficult for the average health and fitness enthusiast to determine the best source of information. As such, we continually strive to be a source of information that can always be trusted by all readers, prospective and existing clients. Pinnacle Performance & Training uses a systematic approach to the training of our clients based on the current best evidence from peer-reviewed research and professional reasoning.
Pinnacle Principles helping you to triathlon success
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