Ectomorph Triathlon Training
Ectomorph Triathlon Training
This is a blog for all those Ectomorphs out there who aren't getting the most from their training. I have stumbled upon a training routine that is finally developing power on the bike and run and i hope will convert into better performances this year. I'm not really an expert although I have been competing on and off for around 10 years now and have studied elements of sports training, nutrition etc. I'm really open to hear others thoughts and ideas on the subject.

So what should I do in 2015?

thinmanby thinmanJan 9th 2015
So it's early January and I'm pondering what to do that will make my 40th year that bit special. As a member of BadTri I am not only looking forward to a training camp in Majorca in March but also our bi-annual overseas club race in Cologne. I promised myself 10 years ago that I would never do a middle distance tri again but have come round to the idea, so that's my target for 2015 racing. I also really fancy the Slateman in May as it looks like a great challenge and if I can complete I think I should be really chuffed. So what else should I do? I'd love to do another 3-5 riding event after doing the Ride for Precious lives in 2014.

Looking back at 2014
I've reviewed my training activity from 2014 and trained for a total of 262 hrs and 4183 km which is an improvement of 100 KM on 2013. So my target for 2015 is to hit 300 hrs and or 5000 KM. My best race was Bala standard distance at 2hrs:41 so targeting a sub 2hrs 30min standard tri seems like a realistic goal if quite hard. I got through 2014 relatively uninjured which I put down to my crossfit training which I will definitely continue in 2015 and hopefully see my power/strength improve.

What more could I do to find the improvement gains I'm looking for? Let me know what you think has made the difference in your training in 2014 and i'll put it to the test!
Racing comparison 2014
thinmanby thinman Sep 8th 2014
So as a quick follow up I completed Bala standard tri in 2hrs 40. That's a PB for me so well happy and it was made with a really strong bike. My swim is still letting me down so really going to have to work on this over the winter and if I can keep ...
End of season comes into view
thinmanby thinman Sep 4th 2014
So another training year is about to come to an end with the Bala Olympic Triathlon this weekend being my last event. Since March training has been quite reasonable. I completed the Chester Deva Tri in 2hrs 47, did a 3 day charity ride which covered...
March 2014 update on training
thinmanby thinman Apr 6th 2014
So another 3 months on and I'm quite happy with progress. Map my Ride tells me that I've done 77 workouts for 79 hours in total. That's slightly less than 7 hours a week which was my target and now I have 2 months to my first target race. I've hit...
December update 2013
thinmanby thinman Dec 8th 2013
So another 3 months have passed and I am continuing to learn and improve. Apart from a calf strain which put me behind in my running for a few weeks, progress is continuing to be made. In a recent power test on the bike (8mins at max power repeated...
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