Newbie irongirl
I completed my first triathlon last year and absolutely loved it! A poor swimmer an average cyclist and an avid runner.... I don't have much skill but I love putting my head down and going the distance. With this blog I want to track my progress over the next year towards my ironman goal until the day I cross the finish line and hear those glorious words "you are an ironman!"

First Ironman!

triphysio88by triphysio88Jul 25th 2014
So I've finally done it..... After months of the idea niggling at me I finally signed up for my first Ironman tri.
It was a big decision. I had been thinking it over seriously since I completed my first middle distance tri in June- the graftman. An amazing event with a fantastic course and great atmosphere.
Then last week at work drinks my boss sat me down (a seasoned ironman) and listen to all my fears, all my anxieties about entering and tore them apart. He told me I could do it and as soon as he did I couldn't get it out of my head. I had to enter! So on Monday the 21st July 2014 at exactly 4pm I entered Ironman UK 2015. The excitement I felt at just entering was out of this world. This is the start of a journey and I can't wait to see where it takes me.
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