Quick start

To get started blogging all you need to do is activate your public blog;

  • Click on the Blog tab.
  • Move your mouse over Design and click General Settings.
  • Click on the checkbox to activate your blog.
  • Enter the title of your blog.
  • Write a short introduction of your blog. {optional}
  • If you would like an image to appear as a header of your blog
    • Click New header graphic.
    • Select an image from your computer, we recommend that you resize and crop your image to be around 1000pixels wide and 300px tall.
    • Portrait photos are not recommended!
  • Then click

Now that your blog has been activated and named, you can start blogging;

  • Check that you are still in the Blog tab.
  • Move your mouse over Posts then click Create new post.
  • Enter the blog entry and click
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