iCalendar interface settings

To change the settings of your iCalendar interface;

  • Move your mouse over Settings then click iCalendar.
  • Underneath the 'iCalendar' header click on iCalendar output options.
  • You will see three sections;
    • SUMMARY: This is the title of the event/session and will be used in your calendar software as the basic label.
    • DESCRIPTION: This is the in-depth description of the event/session and will most commonly shown when you drill into the event.
    • TimeZone: Our iCalendar by default outputs date/time as 'floating time', some calendars (such as Google calendar) will show the time incorrectly because they assume this time is in UTC (which is GMT+0). If your events appear with the correct date/time then you can ignore this setting but if not then try selecting the most relevant TimeZone from the list.
  • Click when you have finished.
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