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Sports Person In London
Sports Person In London

Serena Williams Returns - Pre-Event Sports Massage For Athletes

Appleby AppleJun 24th 2016
Just because I prefer to spend my day at home lounging, it doesn’t mean that I don’t open myself up to the possibility of injury. As kids, my sporty younger sister would come in sweaty and dirty but pretty much unscathed at the end of a school-free day while an entire day of reading and watching TV would have netted me a couple of Band-Aids on my fingers from excruciatingly painful paper cuts and a bruised knee or shin, the result of my inherently spastic nature and total lack of grace.

I’ve since learned to temper down my klutzy tendencies and necessity has also pushed me to explore the benefits of exercise, but I’m still pretty much the consummate couch potato. The only parts I strain in any sporting event are my vocal cords from all the screaming I do. You’d think I was safe from such things as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, but this is obviously not the case.

It was with some awe that I received the recommendation to undergo sports massage for my aches and pains. In fact, I’m really open to the idea since I would love to be able to say that I’ve just come from my sports massage sessions as though I’d suffered some injury during my Wimbledon match with Serena Williams when I don’t even play tennis on the Wii. I wouldn’t have any qualms about being an athletic poseur either. I don’t think the real athletes would care one way or another if I treated myself to sports massage even if my last attempt at athleticism was a PE class in college.

The thing about injury is that it’s pretty democratic. It’s true that athletes are more prone to suffer from it, but the least physical profession still involve occupational hazards; think carpal tunnel syndrome. Tendinitis and bursitis are just two of the most common painful conditions that afflict both the athlete and the non-athlete. Either could be addressed efficiently with a spell of sports massage.

The other way that sports massage can benefit me is by lowering my risk of incurring injury. The less active a person is, the more easily she gets injured. Sports massage can definitely prime my unconditioned muscles so that they’ll be less wussy and be able to withstand some rough treatment.

Twisting a door knob, typing on the computer, picking things up from the floor… We get injured from the most mundane activities, so never discount the possibility that you may be needing the services of a sports massage therapist at some time.
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