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Running in Narnia

mhowoodby mhowoodDec 20th 2010
Running in Narnia
Firstly, loving the snow!

I didn't have the greatest time of things towards the end of last week, as I spent a good part of Thursday in-and-out of Hospital and Doctor's surgeries trying to get treatment for a fever and badly swollen and painful teste! Just call me JaunPelotaGrande!
Cue a whole LOAD of antibiotics and I started to feel a bit better by Friday.
I really had no business racing on Saturday but it was a bit of fun, and when I saw the snow falling I had to get out there!

It was the Thames Turbo Christmas Cracker Aquathlon on Saturday 18th December. My swim was atrocious. 30 seconds down on the same distance only a few days before but to be expected on the drug-cocktail rattling around in me, I guess.
I did clock the fastest run though, in a blizzard no less. The run was really hard. Rocky 4 hard! I couldn't see anything but white, so I had no idea how fast I was running through 6 inches of snow.
I finished 4th overall but also won the Handicap by coming within 4 seconds of my predicted time.

On Sunday I HAD to go running - just look at that photo (the path hooks to the left by the log)!
Narnia beckons.
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