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Are you preparing to alter the location you are residing in? Or are you preparing concerning removaling your organisation to a much better business location for better exposure? Whatever is the factor behind you leaving your existing occup...
Sep 20th 2017 by madeforcleaning GBR
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Not for the first time I have written a Blog and not got round to posting it and then finding it's out of date and needs rewriting. Which is what I am doing now. The first version went like this: Did Arundel qualifier for worlds, swam we...
Aug 18th 2017 by TriHardAlan GBR
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Having prepared yourself in each of the individual disciplines of swim, bike and run it’s important to remember that triathlon is all three sports one after the other and this means you need to do a bit of training in that way before ...
May 11th 2017 by AndyB GBR Coach
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I wrote a webapp for tracking your triathlon profile. The idea is from James Beckinsale's Triathlon Training Book. It charts various metrics using a radar chart. It's available here: http://www.controlz.co.uk/triathlon-profile/ You ...
Apr 29th 2017 by rik GBR
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so go to get back in the groove, 9 months to get fitter/train/lose a few lbs...
Sep 28th 2016 by trilifedb GBR Premium
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After persistent hints from a friend to enter a road race, to be precise, Harriet from my local cycling club, I signed up for what I thought would be a relative easy 40k ride around the Thruxton race course. The day came and after unloadin...
Aug 28th 2016 by LVere GBR
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Ironman SA was meant to be a race in the country that sparked my love for multisport â€" my hunger to improve my own performances. So much so in fact, I left SA soil to race in Europe in duathlons… Never to return, but settle in the...
Jun 13th 2016 by tigga GBR
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Meer dan een half jaar is het geleden. Na de Ironman van Kopenhagen was de euforie groot maar een maand later was de zin om te sporten verdwenen. Van decompressie gesproken. Ondertussen waren de grote werken in ons huis begonnen en d...
Mar 4th 2016 by WouterAelbrecht BEL
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Race results from this season (multisport only): Ironman Melborne: 10h30m44s Tonbridge Sprint: 7th Crystal Palace Sprint: 5th ETU Middle AG Euros/Challenge Rimini: 21st AG Clash of the Tritons: 4th Windrush Aquathlon: 8th Fambrid...
Dec 31st 2015 by roborob GBR
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It has been pretty much a full 12 months since I posted here, and it will come as no surprise to find that I didn't make it to the start line of either the Vitruvian or the Bristol - Bath marathon. The year started with me running a few of ...
Dec 23rd 2015 by tallguy76 GBR
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Wow, last time I wrote my Blog was back in April! How time flies when your having so much fun. Since then I've had a few races, injuries and changes in future plans. 1st off the races, it's been that long since I raced I won't bore you wi...
Sep 3rd 2015 by DazzaTri72 GBR
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We are no longer accepting entries for the North Bristol Triathlon on Sunday 1st October or accepting changes to swim start times. The final start list is posted online and there have been some small changes. Registration on Sunday opens a...
Aug 22nd 2017 by K2Sports GBR
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I headed to South Wales to meet up with the Mark and Alan to take on the L’Etape Dragons Ride. Both amazing athletes and such lovely guys. I was due to sort accommodation but true to form I left it reasonably late to book, so late I...
Jul 18th 2017 by Ironjedi GBR
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Grab a cuppa, have a read and before you know it youll be fast asleep! Its my first real attempt at writing a blog, so I apologise if its long winded â€" Im just going to empty some of the memories/thoughts of the last couple of weeks o...
May 8th 2017 by ARedfernArt GBR
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I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break and are feeling refreshed and ready to smash your 2017 goals, whatever they may be? Since finishing Challenge Almere back in September we have had a good break both physically and ...
Mar 1st 2017 by timP GBR Premium
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So the weekend has arrived, it's time for my heart to dictate what I am going to do. Even with my right hip still not right after the fall in Kalmar, this years Great North Run will be the 10th time to take part in the worlds largest half m...
Sep 13th 2016 by DragonRunner GBR Premium
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Just because I prefer to spend my day at home lounging, it doesn’t mean that I don’t open myself up to the possibility of injury. As kids, my sporty younger sister would come in sweaty and dirty but pretty much unscathed at the e...
Jun 24th 2016 by Apple GBR
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Back to where it started! With a couple of cancellations on duathlon races I'd signed up for this year I didn't want to go pre-season without some race experience so have thrown in a couple of sprint triathlons to keep me going. Newmarket ...
May 15th 2016 by leighschvartz GBR
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New Year is also a great time to reflect over the last 12 months, acknowledging the good and bad and being thankful for what has gone well. My 12 months has been frustrating and difficult, but I am truly thankful to all those that have sup...
Jan 1st 2016 by Maria GBR Premium
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La parolabirra è piùchesufficiente per invocare un desiderio di gustareunafreddabirrafresca per rinfrescare la mente e l'anima. Dopotutto, checosapuòesseremeglio di unabirraghiacciata in un pomeriggio di sole o unaseratarilassarsi ...
Dec 30th 2015 by alessiobraccio GBR
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Each Friday there is a spinning class for 45 minutes. What a great substitute to turbo training. Even though we still have the warmest autumn for 70 years it works you to the red zone that you cannot do alone. Recommended....
Dec 4th 2015 by Crosstrainer FRA
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It's been quite a while since I wrote on here and I've been busy training as much as work. family and life in general will allow. In June I did my first tri! It was the Harwich sprint triathlon, it comprised of 300m swim, 17 mile bike and 5...
Aug 26th 2015 by nxn2020 GBR
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