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Grab a cuppa, have a read and before you know it youll be fast asleep! Its my first real attempt at writing a blog, so I apologise if its long winded â€" Im just going to empty some of the memories/thoughts of the last couple of weeks o...
May 8th 2017 by ARedfernArt GBR
Ok, I admit it, I tend to get bored and lose interest easily. Last year it was clay pigeon shooting, before that mountain biking etc etc. I definitely have the Triathlon / Duathlon bug right now, but knowing what I'm like, I am worried...
Jan 8th 2010 by prhim GBR
Slept really well after my yoga, now for my morning swim, lunchtime run and long swim this evening at Mountbatten Centre......TEXT PTNG49 £10 to 70070 or go to and donate - please help me out in raisi...
Jun 20th 2012 by samfish01 GBR
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